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# 1 My Coliseum scrapbook
02-27-2011, 07:47 AM
pics from my run through..


Did I just see someone float by up there?

And now entering the ring, from parts unknown....

I've got to find the bottle of mescal they were going to put this guy in

Ahh so that's who is behind this

Yep that's a gateway

Get down

Huh, uh get down ...

Is he checking out my .......

On the move

That's your ship?

The one we're going to escape on?


Don't smack him...don't smack him....

Hmm I just realized Vulcans may be connected to Time-Warner..

I have you surrounded..

No I have YOU surrounded

With this guy? Nope he's on my side..

See? Told ya, and I've got air support too...

So I see....

So will you do the smart thing and surrender now?

My men will have to take you down if you don't...what's that noise?...

Could be tinnitus.....or it might be me beaming out, ta ta... --- I need to get a shot with the beam.. I missed it on the first time though