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02-27-2011, 11:09 AM
Originally Posted by phunkmaster3k
Until they make it so you can launch a shuttle from your ship, no more shuttle missions. It's a pain in *** to have to go back to switch ships for 1 mission, then again when you are done. This keeps me from ever wanting to replay "The Vault".
Could not agree more.

Also, maybe someone other than our CAPTAIN should be doing shuttle mission.

DATA: Sir, atmospheric radiation will prohibit the use of transporters. However, a shuttlecraft should be able to land safely on the planet's surface.

RIKER: Alright. Mr. Worf, meet me in Shuttlebay 2, we'll disembark at once.

PICARD: Delay that order, Mr. Worf! Number One, I'll be taking the shuttle MYSELF.

RIKER: Captain? You can't seriously be suggesting that out of the one thousand officers on this ship, you, the ship's Captain, will be flying down into this dangerous mission in a shuttlecraft. It goes against every regulation and standard of protocol in the book!

PICARD: It's my call to make, Number One. I'll be going. Helm! Set a course...FOR EARTH!

DATA: Earth, Captain?

PICARD: Yes. I'm going to fly the Enterprise back to Earth. Beam aboard Earth SPace Dock, and then fly my shuttle all the way back to where we are right now. You'll all wait for me at Earth.

RIKER: Aye, sir! Would you like us to wait for at Earth Space Dock, or shall we wait for you in the cave where you keep your bat-****?