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02-27-2011, 12:47 PM
Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
I'm kind of iffy when it comes to consoles to upgrade ships. Because some people would easily give up a console slot if it means a new tactic. Like right now with the Borg Console, Cruiser and Escort captains give up their Science slot for that little bit of firepower.

Really hope the Dev Team thinks of another mechanic, like simply going through a "Refit" process and unlock your ship's upgrades.

I know people want to upgrade their Tier 1 and 2 ships all the way to Tier 5, but I really think there should be a refit limit with the early tier ships. Because a Miranda or Consitution isn't easily going to be able to handle modern starships 1 on 1, even if they were kept modernized.

So this is something to really deliberate on.

I thought it would've been cool that for every ship destroyed, a certain number of salvage points would be rewarded and they could be used to buy addons to ships and there would be limits.

People won't go for it, because it is another "currency"