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02-28-2011, 12:36 AM
Originally Posted by Sh1ngara
they already make money from people who are soley kdf players subs and we paid towards the development of diplomatic, reworking of esd, memory alpha redo. god knows how many fed ships compared to the kdf ships, the money we spent actually buying the game in the 1st place and the money we put in buying cryptic points. we arnt asking for the earth, we are asking to be treated like paying customers not idiots, if they make 1 dollar profit for a c store kdf item they done there job.
I agree, I want them to finish the KDF, I'm just saying that they aren't going to as long as they get more profit from the other side.

Originally Posted by Sh1ngara
and how many kdf at this moment u think buy anything of the c store, because in all honesty what is there for us to buy except a ship or 2 an when we bought one we need not buy another because it is unlocked to our account.
I don't think many do. I don;t think an item or two will really make a big difference.

Originally Posted by Sh1ngara
btw it isnt logical to assume because they dont an never have done that they wont make money from it, thats like putiing a cat in a lead box walking away then finding a strainger and asking them is the cat alive or dead, its pure guesswork an there is no way of knowing until u try and find out.
First off, your cat comment doesn't fit the situation.

It is logical because, say I am developers.

I've got two sides, side B needs fixing. Side B is losing players and shriveling.
What possible reason would I have to not work side B over side A, unless I made more money working on side A?
Why would I be willing to slowly kill off subscribers and let money disappear from the game if It wasn't more profitable to work on the other parts as compared to fixing this part?

If you can answer those questions, I will admit you are right. That they are choosing to not work on something to make less money for the game that is currently funding their lives.