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Originally Posted by StarkMischief
Ok, so after several attempts, much reading in the forums, and alot of patience, I was finally able to figure it out. Once you first enter the area and you're told about the fighters up above you, that's when you're supposed to hide in the rock formations. Which ones you ask? This is the tricky part...go to your mini map and zoom in all the way (all the way) and then you'll see the white circle/markers (just ahead of you and slightly off to the right) that you're supposed to be heading toward. Hope this helps.
Trouble is that I went to those correct rocks... with the mission circle. I just didn't get proper credit for it the first time, which means I had the chance to kill the warriguls and botch the mission.

..... At least the engineer I might be able to drop mission and start over. I ran the mission tonight with a science toon and never got into the satelite at the beginning. The beam grabbed me at range 8.18... and my ship never got close enough to be offered the chance to scan the satellite. No button or pop up, no capacity to move closer with max engines or b/o powers, and the mission log clearly indicating that my next action must be to scan the ship. I dropped the mission to start over and guess what... the character is permanently trapped in the dang beam. Even exiting completely doesn't give me a chance to restart the scenario from scratch.

Clearly they need to playtest these in house with some people who have no idea what to expect. The programmers writing them are making too many assumptions about what the player will do.