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Science toons strengths; Ample power for high healing rate, healing skills make for deadlier fleet support NPC ships and photonic fleet. The debuffs a sci toon can throw out can make an enemy effectively ranks below you in terms of ability.

Draw back, requiring higher power levels in Aux and Eng means less power for weapons. (if you run a support setup as I do) Of the classes Science will have you changing powerlevels far more often in a fight.

Ground pros and cons are the same as space. Healing or debuffing takes skill points away from DPS type skills and without the Engineering turret kits to boost your DPS potential you may find killing ground troops more of a chore. "Dammit Jim I am a Doctor not a Marine."
Thanks Cappy! I just might have to try out the Science career one day. When I first started playing, I thought Tactical was going to be my best option in an Escort. After getting bored with that, I started a secondard Engineer in a Cruiser. Got a bit bored with the leveling and let him stay LTC for a very long time. Over the past couple of months, I've gone back to the Engineeer and really enjoyed that toon more.