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02-28-2011, 11:19 AM
Originally Posted by Quiiliitiila
I am planning on making a Gorn Melee specialist when the new Gorn customization comes out. I now that they get Reptilian Strength (+18% melee damage and knock back strength) and I plan on taking Aggressive (+5% Melee damage strength and threat generation). Is there any real difference with these bonuses? Does it have any noticeable difference in damage?

Also what kind of skills affect melee damage (specifically with a weapon), most of the tactical skills I see say that they boost martial arts damage and make no mention of using weapons (like the Bat'leth).

Martial Arts, Close Combat, etc are the skills you want. They boost melee damage in general. My two picks for melee fighters are either Gorn (big, brutish, lots of up-front damage) or Nausiccans (they have a stealth boost in their inherent traits). Go Tactical, naturally, and use kits that give you Lunge and Leg Sweep (Stealth Module and Movement Accelerator are also good, especially for a Nausiccan) and keep your Bat'leth updated ... with some of the new craftable ones, there are some very nice options available.

Another thing to consider on a melee heavy Gorn is taking the Bite attack power rather than Aggressive as it gives you some more options in close combat.