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I once again read all the questions and I picked out the ones that I would like to see answered and thougth was most relevant to the game now.

When will the level cap be raised to 61? Will there be tier 6 ships when it is raised?

When the ship interiors are updated could we get a cargo bay to store stuff from our inventory or bank?

Are there any plans for canon admiral uniforms (particularly ENT, TNG, DS9, VOY) to be added to the game, either as a bundle or included in their respective costume packs?

Will you guys ever have the tech to realistically scale the ships? Seems like the defiant should be half the size of the galaxy's saucer yet it seems bigger...

can we have Mark XII gear added to the vendors?

is there any possibility of a feature to save bridge officer and power tray positions on ships and have them restore automatically when I switch back?

will bridge officers ever get additonal costume slots?

Any hints for the 4th Featured Series?

Are there any Klingon Missions in the works, missions just like the 8 missions they got in Season 2?

Is there any possibility of changing the scanning/tricorder function to allow the player to choose whether to scan for anomalies, enemies and mission objectives?

How likely are we to see more Star Trek voices, for example Tim Russ expressed interest, and would it be possible for these actors to reprise their characters in the game?

I was also wondering is there any plans to give a optional reward for reaching say 1000 days be given Honorary Lifetime Subscriber(since someone playing for 1000 days would have invested over $500 that would be an awesome thank you i think

When will we be able to get Fleet Starbases?

When do you plan to release STF: Into the Hive?

When do you expect to get Poker working in our Ship's Interior? Is 3D Chess planned for the future?

Any chance of some new kits coming up in the big ground update that is season 4?

You have talked about a revamp of exploration and I thought I heard mentioned "Deep Space Exploration" concept. Can you please elaborate on how you may see this implemented and time frame?

Are we going to be able to summon an EMH or see the ship's doctor on ship sick bay to cure injuries?

Are more pets like Cats, Dogs,... coming out?

When can we start to see updates to PvP such as new maps and game types?

Are we ever going to be able to hang our trophies in our quarters, and or change the hanging wall photos in them?

When will we get new Bridge Officer powers?

Can you give us any details on the ambassador class?

I love the Borg and Aegis kits. Are there any plans to add additional kits? or similar ground kits?

With what we have seen in the feature episode, are we gonna start seeing more voices added to the game and maybe eventually bridge officer voices?

Are there going to be more diverse diplomacy missions in the future?

Would it be possible for the kdf and the federation to co-op to complete stfs?

With the ground combat revamp, is there a way to make kits customizable through crafting to let players plug in the powers they want instead of the current system?

Will there be any other uses for Latinum in the future?

Will we ever get any other transporter effects?

When will we be able to customize our Borg (STF reward), and Breen BO?