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02-28-2011, 12:05 PM
Originally Posted by Stormwaltz View Post
Just wanted to chime in that the mission broke for me here as well.

In my case I think the problem was caused by initial message and flow of the landscape. The Reman told me to go east, so I started heading straight east. My eyes were not drawn to the giant rock archway in the southeast - it was off to the side and partly partly recessed behind the folds in the landscape. As a result, I was badly out of position when told to "hide near the dark rocks." I hid under some rocks near me, watched the Scorpion fly off, and kept going without knowing I'd gone off the rails.

I should also mention I saw a similar, but less serious problem at the beginning of last week's episode. I went to gather a resource node past the satellite, then looped back and tag it. My science officer told me to hide in the nebula "aft," which was actually off my port bow at the time.

I guess the takeaway here is, not all players go straight from A to B. We look around, take screenshots, climb up the walls, and poke at interesting objects.

I hope this doesn't sound too negative. I was impressed by what I did see of this episode (I had to leave in the middle for lack of time). Very imaginative use of storytelling tech, and a high art quality. The bit on the satellite and waking up in the arena was strongly reminiscent of a pre-credit teaser scene, and the story just kept twisting from there. Running across the landscape may not have worked in my case, but I was flashing back to Kirk and McCoy's escape from Rura Penthe.

A special shout-out to whoever did the creepy bell sound loop for the captor satellite's power system. I liked that a lot.

I also like the feel of the journal text. It had a Lovecrafty "The Call of Iconia" feel.
I triple the motion! I knew I hadn't found the rocks because the objective was never checked. I used my tricorder and the full map but obviously didn't zoom enough. Another possibility is to have another contrasting color for the objective circles. White usually works, but with a light background such as sand or snow, maybe the circle could be red. Another thing I noticed is that the objective box was slow when switching to another main bullet point e.g. , at the end when I brought all the parts back to the crashed ship to jerry-rig the transmitter and I clicked on the object on the floor, the checked objectives disappeared but nothing replaced them (the next text was "Go outside and wait to be rescued" or something similar. It wasn't until I moved my toon that the last text string was displayed. I experienced this when gathering the medicinal plants as well.

All-in-all still not enough to detract from also agreeing that this is the best Ep yet!