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02-28-2011, 02:43 PM
Hi Shard-Warrior,

Please consider 3rd Fleet. Thanks for your post, here's my overture.

About Us
Can tell by my reg date that I am here since launch and a lifer 3rd Fleet are a fleet for life .... So we're well suited.
Mature, experienced player. We've a fair mix of old hands and newbies,but I estimate there is a distinct bias towards the old hands.

Mostly enjoy my solo time doing regular content/explorations etc. but I do enjoy teaming with / helping out others when I can You have an attitude to help that we encourage. We make no demands on play-style, if you want to solo, solo. But also recognise a fleet is what you put in, not take out.

EST Time zone, play mostly evenings and on weekends if the weather is bad We're global with a large membership in US and EU. Whenever you log in you'll find us.

Not a RP'er but don't mind at all those who are into it Good job - we have members with RP interests. But it's not shoved down your throat.

Not really a voice chat-type person as I find it distracting, so Vent/TS are not of great importance to me Me too! But it has it's uses and it's there when you need it.

I have 3 VA's Fed side (Tac, Eng and Sci) and 1 LG Klingon side (Eng). I have various alts of differeing levels as well We don't have a KDF division and encourage you to find a clan. We do have a members with KDF alts and a KDF group for those who want to chat about it. We're just not trying to be all things to all me (and women).

If you have a website, great! If not, not a big deal

Fleet Bank access is not important to me. I'd say this is the biggest thing we're careful about - there is a requisitions mechanism though so getting the gear is not a problem.

Getting promoted through Fleet Ranks is not that important to me. It is great if you have them though! We go on merit - you contribute you'll be recognised. If you don't - no worries and no pressure. As I said earlier, it is what you make of it.

What you are looking for:
A decent group of friendly, mature people to team with
Casual playstyle
Regular events (ie. Fleet Actions, STFs, PvP) - very important!
Bonus points if you have your own Chat channel (other than the Fleet one)
3rd Fleet has all of the above. I particularly like your the use of the word decent. We try to be decent in our attitude and dealings. If you are looking for a fleet to swear and be rude in - please look elsewhere. If you are looking for a fleet for fun chat and banter we might just be what you are looking for (good natured ridicule is just fine)!.

Both Fed and Klingon Faction fleets would be awesome
We don't have a KDF faction .

What you are not looking for;
Mandatory playtime requirements (sorry, the wife and RL always trumps STO for me)
Bank deposit requirements (ie. ALL crafting samples gathered MUST go to the Fleet)
Mandatory that ALL my characters MUST be in the Fleet (I have my own personal fleet for most of my characters already, mostly for the storage space).

3rd Fleet gets that RL .... Happens ... sometimes planned ...but just as likely ... unplanned. We've got enough members that we won't panic if we don't see you for a while. All that we ask is to keep an eye out for the roll calls else you might get "cleaned". (They have a long duration, they aren't designed to catch folk out). There are no bank rules (silly or otherwise) and we don't have multi-fleet rules..

Bonus points
You know the answer to the question of why Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain
We know ... It's because we wanted to get Spock to do his puzzled "it's illogical" look!.
You too were dizzied by the overuse of lens flares, camera shake and horrible script writing of the last "Trek" film (if you can even call it that...)
Our membership is large and I cannot vouch for their tastes. Personally .... Bleugh!.
You consider "Galaxy Quest" among your top 3 choices of Star Trek movies
Love that movie!.
You have no problems admitting you have visited the Shatner's Toupee Blog site at least once in the last month OR own a copy of the "Encyclopedia Shatnerica" (+2 if it is the Milennium edition)
on my way .... always up for new experiences .

Find yourself speaking/cursing in Klingon while shooting Feds during PvP matches
Rats! You have me on that one.