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02-28-2011, 03:18 PM
What happened to the plans of a bridge officer store? I'd really appreciate a way to acquire new bridge officers without having to suffer through the exchange and the dewindling overpriced options there.

The consensus is that photon/quantums and disruptor/phasers are the only things worth using because of their low skill point cost. Since all energy/projectile types are basically balanced, it really defeats the purpose of using any other types other than novelty or ignorance. What are your thoughts on "un-balancing" them or perhaps making them closer or same in skill point costs so that all types become viable again?

Are there any plans to opening up the ability of captaining multiple kinds of ships (escorts, cruisers, etc.) without being severely disadvantaged without respec'ing? Perhaps by breaking apart the bonuses a captain skill gets (hull, shields, speed, turn) into individual skill categories to replace the captaining skills and adding a category of experience for proficiency with a given kind of ship that can be training with additional missions/engagements.

I second the call for customizing the special mission reward bridge officers!

I think more realistic scaling would really add to the graphical appeal. It'd be fun to fly my escort and seeing it completely overshadowed by a borg cube (and taking it down).