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# 1094 Fix the Chatbox, PLEASE!
02-28-2011, 03:16 PM
The Private Messaging system is busted and annoying. Private messages need to pop over into their own private channel separate from Team or from Fleet or from Zone. So many times I'll PM someone and then have something quick to add, type it out and and it goes to the entire fleet or to the Zone (and never gets to my friend until I type it YET AGAIN!) instead of to my friend because I didn't right click them AGAIN to PM them. It's silly the way things work currently.

I think that if you click PM it should turn the chat box into a Firefox tab-style bar with left / right arrows to show hidden channels (if there are several open) so you can carry on multiple conversations at once and just flip back and forth. Maybe with a flashing indicator on that channel (in addition to hailing sound) to indicate when someone responds on that channel. And each channel could have a Firefox style [x] to close it, when you're done. Seems sensible to me. That way you're not always apologizing to the zone or the fleet or Local for errant messages, which are all too common.

Just my opinion. Hopefully a few others share it.

Would like to carry on a chat with my buddy and my fleet at the same time w/o one being privy to the other, unless the buddy is also in the fleet.