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02-28-2011, 03:25 PM
Originally Posted by Petroglyx
Will we be able to beam on board disabled ships and steal technology? Or have our own ships boarded and have to defend against intruders?
Hmm, that could be interesting... Kind of an even more annoying version of "Deep Space Encounter..."

Maybe it would be a smaller scale version of a DSE wherein a single or small squadron of ships encounter you, and engage you. No other enemies on the map. Either you defeat them and go on your merry way, or they defeat you and beam aboard and you and your merry crew of misfits must rout them in the corridors, mess hall, engineering, etc. Perhaps make them relatively easy to defeat (as long as you haven't stepped away) and if you fail to defeat them within some timeframe your ship gets injured or you lose some COMMON inventory item (the rare and very rare ones are too well guarded / secured). If you win, you get to loot their corpses for weapons, armor, energy credits, latinum, data samples, rare tribbles, etc. Heck, maybe if you win the space battle you get to board THEM as a mini-mission to take their crew captive for interrogation or as POW's, or just generally loot their ship for "contraband."

But, then, maybe that's getting TOO complicated?


Speaking of Deep Space Encounter, they are REALLY getting aggravating. Especially when trying to get somewhere for a team mission and getting intercepted 4 times in 10 mins for DSEs. Is there some way to tell the system "I'm on a mission to help friends, stop interrupting me!"?? I mean, seriously, plot a different course or something, helmsman! Take the LONG way 'round...

But seriously, getting intercepted 4 times in 10 mins while on patrols with a group of friends was VERY annoying and pretty much had me getting censored by the chatbox, that's how frustrating a "feature" it is. Could there be some rule that if you're part of a team, DSEs won't actively seek you out?

Speaking of seeking out & DSEs, sometimes I go to find DSEs or rather go to find enemy craft, tail them forever and they never convert to DSEs. Could there be some way of initiating a DSE with an enemy you're tailing. Like, for instance, kitting the space bar to fire on them or 'F' to hail them? IT seems silly that they can intercept me, but I CAN'T intercept them! A little reciprocity, please?? If they can ruin my day, why can't I ruin theirs??