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02-28-2011, 03:33 PM
Originally Posted by NeoWolf View Post
So one thing I like in games in general is parity, keeping things equal..thoughnot necessarily the same. It helps keep balance, reduces complaining and makes all factions as fun and as rewarding as the others.

With regard to Story we know Cryptic is working on proper klingon PVE storyline content finally and that is awesome and we also got access to Crafting not so long ago which is also awesome..however one facet of unbalance still remains on the table.

Notably the Diplomacy system, the feds have a second albeit smaller ranking system tied to diplomacy that gives some cool new, relevant bonuses and that is also awesome , however I would like to see some similar sub rank system applied to klink side also.

To cut a long story short I've been giving this some thought lately and obviously DIPLOMACY wouldnt be right for Klinks at all so I considered things that maybe and then an Idea occured to me in the advent of the melee weapons introduced of late.

Why not Tournaments. In TNG we see Worf go to a melee tournament so its fairly canon that such things exist. Also when we first make a klink we have to fight in a competition to get our crew, also in the first klink storyline they added since release we also get to take part in one, and now we have collosium where again we get to compete mano-e-mano.

So how about a sub rank system for unarmed warrior prowess as our answer to the feds diplomacy sub sytem?

We could take part in tournaments against NPC's same rules as collusium no devices orconsumables against various opponents as a daily if we succeed we get some rep points towards our warrior title of which there would be a similar number as the diplomacy system with some comparable and appropriate benfits for us klinks... maybe even finally earning ourselves the title of Dahar Master or some such for the final rank.

this would also be a great reason to add some of the assets to PVP arena type maps, as well as more costume pieces and melee weapons to use..maybe even some more melee specific kits..

Just a thought, comments?
I like the idea, although I have to point out a few things. Tactical captains are the ones that have skills to benefit the most when it comes to melee, so they might have to work out a way for Sci and Eng to compete on the harder challenges if they can't use their skills. Also Dahar Master sadly is reserved for our next rank if memory serves me right (sorry too much Blood Wine).

As for diplomats, Klingons do have them, our method of diplomacy is just a little different. I think the most favored idea right now is supplying weapons for Aid the Planet missions and the other idea would be offering our support and absorbing them in to our Empire...of course by a Klingon method. Tell them there are now part of the Empire, if they don't agree...bombard the planet and send down troops till they do agree.

I really like the idea of rewards from doing the tournaments though! There have been a few threads covering the idea of a Melee Tournament PvP and PvE or even a daily, this could be added to it.