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Before I list of some questions, I just want to say STO has MASSIVELY improved since I joined. I'm really looking forward to where STO is this time next year. Now, without too much delay:

1) Can we get ANY information regarding fleet starbases, or what additional support features fleets can look forward to?

2) What's the latest on the duty roster & assigning bridge officers to key staff positions? (Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Engineering Officer, Chief Science Officer, Chief Security Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Ship's Counselor, maybe even a Chief of the Boat/Ship, etc. - the list of potential assignments is fairly long)

3) When can we expect the other known NPC races (Caitan, Benzite, etc) to be available as bridge officers?

4) When will it be possible to acquire more bank tabs for personal & fleet banks? There is a serious need for this.

5) What's the latest of the level cap?

6) Is Open PvP, at least, on the table for discussion? I know there was some debate on this, but Open PvP will certainly bring a better "feel" to players combating each other. Coming from a player that really finds no enjoyment in PvP, this concept really peaks my interest.

7) Typhoon-class & Jupiter-class ships for the Feds, not to mention the various ships mentioned already ... when can we expect to see these? These ships, along with several others, have been requested & asked about NUMEROUS times.

8) What ideas are floating around regarding the currency system in place? I know there is talk about "cutting the fat," & many players are curious to know more on this subject.

9) Additional, functional, ship interiors (Shuttlebay, Obseervation Lounge, a Holodeck, a Brig, etc). Any news on when players can see these on their ships? In addition to functionality, when can players actually use their Engineering, Sickbay, & Lab onboard for repairs, healing, & crafting?

10) STFs ... when will they get some fixes & when can we look for the new STFs to be ready for players?

Thanks again for a great game, Cryptic!!!