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02-28-2011, 04:05 PM
Originally Posted by TrekTheStars
I like the idea, although I have to point out a few things. Tactical captains are the ones that have skills to benefit the most when it comes to melee, so they might have to work out a way for Sci and Eng to compete on the harder challenges if they can't use their skills. Also Dahar Master sadly is reserved for our next rank if memory serves me right (sorry too much Blood Wine).
Preventing use of abilites and consumables liek they did in Colliseum would be adequate. They could also then use your reputation for prowess as a way to influence conversations like Diplomacy does for the feds in other storylines then. Via Intimidation or show of strength etc..

As for diplomats, Klingons do have them, our method of diplomacy is just a little different. I think the most favored idea right now is supplying weapons for Aid the Planet missions and the other idea would be offering our support and absorbing them in to our Empire...of course by a Klingon method. Tell them there are now part of the Empire, if they don't agree...bombard the planet and send down troops till they do agree.
No doubt, but no reason to repeat diplomacy as that is intrinsically a federation facet, better to focus on something that is more intrinsically Klingon for thier sub feature like Combat Prowess, reputation etc..

Besides I magine diplomats in the empire arent viewed with much better light than say legal councils, whereby the job is seen more as a punishment than a creer lol

I really like the idea of rewards from doing the tournaments though! There have been a few threads covering the idea of a Melee Tournament PvP and PvE or even a daily, this could be added to it.
cool, I just think it would be really nice if we klinks also had a sub system to balance the books seeing as the feds have thier diplomacy etc.