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02-28-2011, 05:47 PM
Originally Posted by Capt.MarkusKarter View Post
Hey everyone! Like most of you I have been really enjoying STO and think Cryptic has done a fantastic job!
Pausing for applause )

Now - I would love a Television Series set in the STO universe. I know Paramount is busy with Star Trek 2, and they likely view a television series not set in the alternate universe as a conflict. However, I was wondering if there is a way whether it be a petition, letters, etc, we could contact Paramount and express this interest.

Dev's - Stahl - this could really benefit the game. Imagine a television series with an active game, that is already established, and is growing a methos... Let's start casting Obsesek!
However - we could use your help. If we made the efforts mentioned above, would you present this to your paramount contacts?

The timing right now is perfect. There is currently no new scifi- based show airing in the US that is not cable based. Even long running cable based shows like Stargate have been canceled. They would have a wide open field, and since it has been such a long time, there is a pent up demand.

Thanks all for reading!
As much I'd love to see a new Star Trek show, I think STO and the potencial show shouldn't colide. Cryptic has a lot of storys, as well the comunity with the Foundry, wich would change a lot of the major events in Star Trek around 2410.
Going futher in the future to set a new series is complicated...because, where to go? Remember the temporal episodes, most of them were acutally to complicated to comprehend or the theories totally wrong. This is the next step after the STO timline. Going into the past, ...well, where else? There was the NX, the A to J Enterprises, almost any crew is known... so where would you put the story to take place? The only posibility I see, with no redux, is the Enterpise B. But she had a relative short life.