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Politics! The Only Thing I know about The Klingon Empire, is it is an Empire of Noble Houses. Maybe a Round Robin Raise in Ranks of Klingon Noble Houses which are seperate and equal, yet Uniquely different as per House and Each Clan Within Each House. The Klingon High Council Should Have the Highest Moral and Ethical Standards Compared to the Other Communities in STOL PvP and PvE. Naming Standards, and Contextual Discipline must be more stringently higher standard than the Other Crowds. The Missions of the High Council Should Have it's Missions Per Administration Department, like Training Recruits, or Supporting Logistics, or Family Relations, Clan Relations, Inter-House Relations, or Building and Maintaining Infrastructure, Recruiting, Priming and Remoralizing Non-Combatant Citizenry and Aliens, Garrison, Colonial and Munincipality Government Administration. Princes and Princesses and Descending Personal Officer's Noble's Ranks within The Empire has Offices like that of the Governors, Chiefs of Staff, Arsenal Custodians Office, Imperial Armada Academy Recruitment and Retention Office, Imperial Garrison Logistics Cadres, Imperial Armada Academy Moral and Ethical Integrity Preservation Office, Garrison Combat Duty Indoctrination Office. Logistics missions may include Surveying Sites for Mining Colonies, and Space Station Administration Missions; Recruitment and Retention Missions may include Academy Safety Training Quota Missions, House Clan Sponsorships Marriages and Family Garrison Promotions and Inductions.