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# 9 Skald's Arise
02-28-2011, 06:57 PM
I had a quick flash of inspiration ... not sure how to implement it yet, but let me get it out there.

We often think of vikings as nothing but brainless barbarians but in fact during the viking age there was a special class of warriors known as the skald. Skalds were warrior-artists renowned for their skill with poetry and music as much as their skill with axe and sword. They would perform poems about great heroes of the past, learn and recite the family lines of kings, and composed songs to celebrate their victories in battle. Skalds of great talent would receive favors from powerful lords, be asked to perform in the courts of evan rival kingdoms and sometimes were sent as emissaries to use their art to soothe warring clans.

How many times has the klingon love of music, poetry, opera, and theater come up over the various Trek series? Ever heard Shakespeare in the original Klingon?

Why not a system where a klingon could gain diplomat-like abilities and benefits but do it through the very klingon act of composing poems and operas about how they pwned their helpless enemies?