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02-28-2011, 07:23 PM
I thought this mission was the greatest!
I simply don't know where to start, but I'll do my best!

LOVED the puzzle. It's always nice to use my brain every now and again!
Then, after I solved it, to be whisked away to a cell! Awesome!
Then the arena....The fight music I LOVED IT!
The worms were cool, with a Dune-ish flare. Loved the new weapons.
Loved the maps for the game, the escape and hiding from the fighters was classic Trek.
The moon in the background over the canyon was breathtaking cool.
Having to dispatch the local fauna, AWESOME! Finally some creatures on one of these planets!
The whole mission had a Trek flare.

The ending ..... The ending was EPIC! Here I was thinking, oh #$IT, I have to fight this mob to get out of this one! Then to be rescued by my ship at the last minute AWESOME!
Thrills, chills, a reason to "think", a nod to classic Trek, with plenty of surprises! We couldn't ask for more in a weekly episode. I Look as forward to these missions as I did when the episodes were on television!
There is a definite "serial" feel to them that is very nostalgic.

The REWARD was fantastic.

DON'T let a minority of players discourage you! This episode was THE BEST. The quality of these episodes gets better and better! I'm VERY happy I became a lifetime subscriber!


You guys are doing a fantastic job!