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Commander Hemingway: Current Assignment: USS Kepler:

The being known only as Hemingway is in reality a synthezoid - a synthetic organic being somewhat akin to an advanced alien android. Found in deep space aboard a derelict spaceship - preserved in stasis and created as an emergency service crewman for the long-dead race that it served - Hemingway was brought back to the Federation and studied.

Once its self-awareness and sentience had been established, however, it was determined that this synthezoid could determine its own destiny. Choosing its name from Terran literature, the seemingly tireless Hemingway (for Hemingway neither needs to eat, breathe, nor sleep as most of its cellular energy is supplied by its skin surface) applied for an entered Starfleet Academy to serve the goals of the United Federation of Planets.


Commander Hemingway has no gender, nor has it any capability to reproduce - it is sexless in that regard (and finds mating rituals between species to be interesting - although Hemingway has been propositioned at times by species of both (or other) genders - usually when they have imbibed too much alcohol.)

As noted:: Hemingway does not need sleep, nor does it breathe, such acts as eating and taking in of water is normally only done as social etiquette. Hemingway's skin surface is a complex system of radiation collectors and converters to absorb radiation sources and turn them into power for its body. Thus Hemingway 'feeds' off of radiation sources including thermal, infrared, ultraviolet, and many others This has proven useful as Hemingway can enter a highly radioactive area of the ship (a damaged warp or impulse engine room, for example) with no ill effects. Its ability to eat humanoid food is merely another processor system for additional power (and to not make dinner guests nervous)

Because of its nature, Hemingway is immune to the effects of poisons, drugs, and alcohol. Hemingway does not feel pain - at least not in the way a human (for example) does. The equivalent to pain for Hemingway is an alert that it is either under attack, or a notification that some body part is damaged and requires repair.