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03-01-2011, 05:32 AM
Originally Posted by Sh1ngara
the fact that if play A is only federation and player B is only KDF. the fact is that both pay subs and both have equal rights to game content no matter how many are on either side. by giving the option to be one side or the other or both means that neither side should be held back for the other sides advancment be it via cosmetic,equipment or game changing content via missions or content.

there is already an inbalance within the game from launch with missions content and gameplay area but since then there has been further inbalance via ships, diplomatic content and development of passed content being reworked.

so as both players pay the same amount per month to play and towards content it matter not that one side has more paying customers then the other as both players pay towards the future content, reworking of old content and upkeep of the game. c-store itself is not within the realms of subscription but the fact of channeling all develpment of c-store into one side is in a sense racist towards the other side as even though there are fewer on the kdf side the money generated from c-store for specific items would cover the cost of dev as the kdf ships and costumes have shown.
So, what your saying is the KDF has the right for the Dev's to make stuff AND they would make more money. And yet, they still are not doing it. Either A) You are wrong or B) The company is choosing to lose money. Gee, I wonder which seems more likely.

I would like to say that I'm in favor of KDF expansion, I have 2 Klingons, but I'm just pointing out WHY they aren't doing it.

And you still didn't answer my questions.