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Doctor T'Kara

Doctor T’Kara is one of Starfleet’s best medical minds and most gifted surgeons, though many of her patients often complain about her “lack of bedside manners.” Her personality is best described as “stoic” and she appears to be as devoted to logic as the average Vulcan. But no Vulcan is totally without emotion; they are just more practiced at hiding them and T’Kara is no exception. Her seemingly icy demeanor and personality hide a compassionate individual whose only real ambition in life was to help others, thus her decision to become a physician. Those who have worked with her and gotten to know her have admitted that her devotion to Vulcan philosophy makes her hard to know, but once one learns how to read her *very* subtle emotional changes, she makes as good a commander and friend as any more emotional character. T’Kara’s years of service have earned her the command of the medical ship Godspeed and is currently assigned to the relief efforts to the Romulan Empire after the destruction of their capital planet. It was an assignment that she requested, despite – or perhaps because of - the current hostilities between the Romulans and their Vulcan cousins.