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03-01-2011, 06:59 AM
Originally Posted by Cuatela long as ship/mission/equipment requirements are based on level instead of rank, I wouldn't mind that. I roleplay one of my characters as a Lieutenant, and I have my "title" set as such. I'd hate to be limited to a tier-1 ship just because I roleplay a lower-ranked character.
Exactly - while you've earned the right to use a higher rank, doesn't mean it should be mandatory, but nor should you be penalised by being stuck at a lower level to stay at the rank you prefer.

It's like the various uniform options - we're totally at liberty to kit our characters out in whatever style/era of uniform we wish, regardless of whether or not this is at odds with the game's 2409 setting, or the styles of other players. Doing this make the game more appealing to more people, since everyone's got a different idea of what Trek means to them.

Same with everything else - ship designs/decorations/gadgets, original alien character designs, etc. - EXCEPT the freedom to choose which rank we want for our characters. It's not like people want to create a brand-new character and immediately call them 'Admiral' - it's simply a case that not everyone wants to be 'Vice Admiral', and furthermore, we shouldn't have to effectively 'stop playing the game' to stay at the rank we desire. I mean, what's the big deal with STFs and the like being available to Captains and Commanders, rather than just Admirals?

Ultimately, Level is far more indicative of a player's true skill... ...level anyway, so I can't see why Cryptic couldn't make rank a separate thing, since it's ultimately meaningless in all but cosmetic terms. Look at it this way: even at level 51, you can still use the Lieutenant title and rank pips/braids for your character. If rank meant so much in gameplay terms, why would this be allowed?