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Originally Posted by Opus_Penguin View Post
Each time you get promoted you get a new ship. That's nice, but if I like the name of my first ship and want to have my second ship have the same name, I can't. I would like to be able to do like the Enterprise and have each ship have the same name, but with an A, B, C, D designation. Why can't we keep the name of the ship? Just curious.
You need to discharge or rename your previous ship in order to name your next ship with the same name.

In Star Trek, they never named a ship with the same name as another until the old one was decommissioned, lost, or destroyed. For Example:

USS Enterprise NCC-1701: Destroyed in ST:III
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A: Decommissioned after ST:VI
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B: (?) Decommissioned
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C: Destroyed
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D: Destroyed
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E: Presumed lost with Captain Data