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03-01-2011, 09:39 AM
Actually, the majority of my post was against SGU since I'm not that big of a Trekkie myself. And while cannons are used on starships, most ST fans will agree when I say the phaser beam is much more iconic of Star Trek. I'm not saying cannons don't exist, I'm saying that ships typicallly used phaser beam banks instead of phaser cannons.

And because this new movie takes place during and after Kirk's time in the Academy (alternate timeline of course), and NOT in the 25th Century, phaser cannons weren't even in use since they were first introduced on the Defiant, which originally happens in DS9.

So as far as I'm concerned, by using Star Wars-esqe space fight sequences, JJ Abrams did NOT make the space battles canon. They were quite entertaining, but they were not canon.

It's supposed to be submarine warfare, not dogfighting.

And no, I'm not playing the wrong game - or have you NOT noticed the missions becoming more and more Star Trek-like with the addition of puzzles, diplomacy and the use of intelligence instead of weaponry?

And since the game takes place in the 25th Century, which I'm fairly certain is AFTER the TV series, what bearing does me playing the game have to do with my opinion of the TV Series?