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03-01-2011, 01:56 PM
Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post
I don't want Ker'rat nuked.
I want it FIXED!!!

This is our only open PvP zone let alone me & my buddy's make it a sport racing against one another to get first place. strongest, fastest & best build win's... I have to admit a science or engineering character don't always have enough DPS to get the kills/ destroy the objective before a Tactical runs of whit it

Kerrat has 3 problems that need fixing.
  • First of all, it needs a full reset every time the instance reset/ the mission starts over.
  • Second, the Borg being stuck in the geometry that has always been the main issue.
  • Third the spawn points needs to be better designated, Federation on one side, Klingon on the other.

If you think about it the first fix takes care of the second problem, if their is a full reset then the map can be altered so the Borg spheres, cubes & probes start of on a fixed location so they can not get stuck in the geometry.

Even an easier fix... force people to warp out ones the mission is completed, so that the instance automatically fully resets, I'm not a big fan of this but if that lets us keep our only open PvP so be it.

Their are even other options,

Even upping the difficulty slider on the Borg will help, instead of +4 make them beasts, +10 or + 12 give the Borg Probes tractor beams like in Kithomer, put in more Borg Tactical Cubes. (they only show up ones in a while far less then they used too)
This all so that completing the objective alongside Federation & Klingon hunting each other makes it allot harder & actually requires team play to complete.