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03-01-2011, 03:47 PM
Originally Posted by Sh1ngara
im saying that as KDF player who pays subs we have the right to equal development, and im not saying they are chosing to not lose money by not developing kdf content ingame and c-store an neither making extra money by not producing kdf c-store items at the same rate as federation with cross factional c-store items like formal wear and merc sets.
Think you could use any more negatives in a single statement?

Originally Posted by Sh1ngara
But are you stating that they are chosing to not put as much development time into the kdf and only into the federation with core game systems like diplomatic and c-store items for the fact that they think it will lose money?
I'm theorizing that they are not putting as much effort into the KDF as the Fed side because the Fed side makes more money.

The company exists to make money, they do what will make the most revenue. The only way they will do equal content is if it will make the same or more money. The fact that they are not making equal content means that the Fed side gains them more revenue and /or the Klingon side makes less revenue.

Originally Posted by Sh1ngara
And as such that as a subscriber in only the kdf i am not getting the same ammount of service for my subscriptions as a federation based subscriber and as such should not have to pay as much subscriptions for this game or maybe actually pay subscription to a game that either has 1 side or gives equal content rights to both sides.
I'm not saying its right, in fact I disagree, but it is the only logical explanation that fits the current situation.

Originally Posted by Sh1ngara
please answer me that.

and you shall find i did answer your question.
Nice, meaningless double talk to avoid the actual question.

I asked "'ve got two sides, side B needs fixing. Side B is losing players and shriveling.
What possible reason would I have to not work side B over side A, unless I made more money working on side A?
Why would I be willing to slowly kill off subscribers and let money disappear from the game if It wasn't more profitable to work on the other parts as compared to fixing this part?"

You have yet to give a situation in which that makes any sense at all.