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03-01-2011, 04:11 PM
Originally Posted by WishStone
Technically is it the same reason why you cannot have Exampleman@Exampleaccount twice on the same account.

You can see a dozen different @Name with the same Name (Exampleman@Abalon; Exampleman@Bebulon, Exampleman@Ceculon) but not on the same account - and this simply has to do with the way we store your data on your account.

But you are saying you cannot name a ship - A ; - B ? Because I have seen players do this and have no problems with it.
You can add a -A or -B to your registry, but some people don't want to have to do the same to their ship name. As in the shows you only ever saw the A and B tagged to the registry. What some people want is to have all of their ships have the same name, but with registry suffixes (Like a couple of my characters), but they don't want to have to rename or discharge their old ships (as I do) to do so.