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# 1 Giving the Voth a decent story.
03-01-2011, 04:53 PM
I hate the idea that a species of intellect evolved on Earth before the humans. Ridiculous. There would be proof. The premise of that Voth episode reminded me of Land of the Lost that was on Nick. I hates it!

So, how to remedy this?
If the Voth are ever introduced (ew!) I hope that their origin is clarified to not ACTUALLY be from Earth. Instead something like this is done:

Maybe the Iconians or Preservers or whatever took genetic samples from many worlds of species that were not intelligent. This included that dinosaur species.
Using genetic alterations they created a new race based on that genetic sample of intelligent and fully sentient beings. The Voth.
Maybe the Preservers decided to go about a new method of making other species. They already claim to have done it by seeding planets in the galaxy. Why not this way too?

I just don't like the incredibly dumb idea that there was a very advanced civilization on Earth before humans. It's just impossible. You cannot possibly erase ALL the proof... If we can find bones millions of years old there'd be absolutely no reason we couldn't find a freakin' space dinosaur.

So in short my idea is to make them genetically originate on Earth but didn't in fact evolve there. They were produced by some species (possibly the Preservers).
They still might claim ties to Earth which might put them against the Federation but... really I just care about fixing their HORRIBLE origin. :p