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03-01-2011, 06:03 PM
I really like this mission. Frozen starts to tie us back into Obisek and the storyline of the Reman fight for independence. The micronebula and the white noise effects are great, and I love how they are scaled down from the previous battle with this effect in the Vault. It shows a variance which is just awesome. Hopefully we'll see this type of effect in other areas (perhaps not all), like possibly the Briar patch???

Once on the ground, I think the individual class specific optional objectives were fun and rapid, and really feel good for the mission. The scenery is fantastic. The only problem I ran into was getting my feet stuck on the occasional rock where I expected to be able to walk over them. The dialogues with the Remans themselves are really cool, and we finally get to meet Obisek face to face. I must say, I didn't understand the capture choice. Doesn't this seem to go against the Prime Directive? I suppose Thalaron weapons aren't legal in Federation Society, but neither are they legal for the Romulans to have (and they clearly do). I simply didn't feel capturing Obisek made a whole lot of sense... Which is why I opted not to do so, even to avoid the accolade for capturing and jailing x# of remans. It is cool to have the potential to bring people to the brig, but this didn't feel like the time or place.

I really like how this one draws you in, based upon contacts you have already made. You go to investigate the missing vessel, and wham! You have to deal with problems aboard a sattelite. The puzzle wasn't my favorite, not because of the math but simply for the ambling about. Its easily forgivable though and not everything comes ready-made all the time.

The whole section of the battle in the Arena is great, and I don't want to spoil it. I love the use of surroundings to turn the fight in your favor though. The large monster you end up fighting as well is wonderful. As a side, they made this wonderful Saber, but it didn't come packaged with the other two in C-store. I wasn't sure why, but I really like that weapon. For starters I think it will look fantastic on my Nausicaan Raider.

Moving on, the scenery both inside the Arena and as you make your escape is fantastic. You can really tell the Art Team went wild here. The map was huge and really felt epic, like we had a long trek to go on. The Scorpions flying overhead for one reason or another didn't really make me as afraid as I felt I should be... but they just didn't. I'm not sure why. That being said I think they looked fantastic on this scene.

One big problem in Dialogue: Why does our Reman guide and fellow escaping prisoner say its 'Too Bright' when its night time? Then he fails to do it when we are finally walking in broad daylight? I"m not sure how they can fix this, but it is a little odd.

Another problem is the puzzle. I think that making these survival objectives class specific was unnecessary in this specific instance. They're all tasks anyone can do and probably would know after having taken the Survival Course in Starfleet. Class specific optionals are great, but I think this is an instance where the optional objectives should be class-free.

As you enter the vista overlooking the valley of the Crash Sight, the artwork is amazing. This really felt like Star Trek. The mission to repair the communications array felt appropriate, scrapping parts to make it happen.

One thing I'd like to offer as a suggestion for the Puzzle-Makers is if we could see some kind of Graphical Puzzle system that might be class specific down the line, or even Global-Access Puzzles as well. Anything from lining up pipes, organizing certain puzzle pieces, etc. Even, puzzles which involve arrangement of certain key elements like is often seen in platform games like Soul Reaver, Shadow of the Collossus or Ico. Puzzles are fantastic, but it might be neat if we had something to do with wiring, or replacing circuitry. The idea is still nebulous in my mind, but I do think something could very well be done that plays in well to the Tactical, Engineer, and Science classes, with perhaps a 4th variety developed as a 'Unviersal' graphical puzzle type. <I need to look up and fill in more examples here>.

I'd like to leave as a final note that I LOVE the way this episode ends. Its fantastic and really leaves the player with an OH YEAH feeling. I can't wait to see what happens in the 5th story in this Episode.