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03-01-2011, 05:13 PM
Originally Posted by USS Parallax
You cannot possibly erase ALL the proof... If we can find bones millions of years old there'd be absolutely no reason we couldn't find a freakin' space dinosaur.
Point of order;
Yes you can

Reptiles aren't as adaptable as us to varied environments. Being cold blooded, they tend to live in deserts and jungles. Deserts are rather good at preserving ancient ruins, but jungles are a whole other matter. They can erase a city easily. The remains of a civilization in the jungle would only last a few years to a few centuries without maintenance. If if there were a city 65 million years ago in a jungle area, its remains would be long gone by now. Even the bones we find of animals who used to live in such areas were preserved by raw luck. Many of them are statistical anomalies, and of course the fun thing about statistical anomalies is that the more you roll the dice, the more anomalies you'll get. A few billion dinosaurs spread over a few hundred million years is a lot of rolls. A city without maintenance is 1 roll.