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03-01-2011, 05:15 PM
Originally Posted by USS Parallax
I just don't like the incredibly dumb idea that there was a very advanced civilization on Earth before humans. It's just impossible. You cannot possibly erase ALL the proof... If we can find bones millions of years old there'd be absolutely no reason we couldn't find a freakin' space dinosaur. :rolleyes
Actually, the episode itself provided plenty of plausibility for their evolution on Earth. Chakotay mentions the idea of a lost civilization, it's evidence buried by a catastrophic event in Earths past.

Imagine if instead of impacting off the Yukatan peninsula, that ancient impact had occurred with the Yucatan peninsula, and only 2000 years ago, would we have any significant evidence of the Maya?

What if such an event hit Greece? Or Rome? Or Giza? Such large disasters could easily wipe out all evidence of an ancient civilization.

Especially if that civilization was concentrated in a small area, kept safe by geography from some very large and dangerous predators.

There's evidence on the Earth now that some large land masses have been completely submerged by the oceans, and considering the wear and tear our modern materials undergo from salt water, I can easily imagine 20 million years of submersion obliterating all evidence of an ancient technological culture.

I find it plausible (not likely, but plausible).