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Originally Posted by PodSix
A very "TOS" approach to the problem is to append "II" to the name of your ship. So that the Enterprise (as an example) becomes the "Enterprise II".

They did this with the Galileo shuttle when it was destroyed. And somewhere in the back of my mind, I recall one of the "lost/Destroyed original series ships got rebuilt and named something like that as well (it would have been in either the animated series or the background info for the Motion Picture. Constitution II? Maybe I'm remembering something from the FASA games.
The shuttlecraft have different naming and registry conventions to their motherships. In the example of registries, they have an identical registry to their mother ship with the exception of adding a "/ # " to the end. So the Enterprise's Galileo shuttle was "NCC-1707 / 7". The registries were not so prominent on next gen shuttles, with only one or two displaying a unique number other than the mother ship registry. An example of this is the D's Type 7 shuttle 01. It is worth mentioning that the names were not so prominently used in the next gen and beyond. Thus, very few of the shuttles had prominent names, giving an even greater sense of a better age lost in TOS. The TOS shuttles all had their names painted on almost like nose art on a WWII war plane, very prominent, very stylishly done. The TNG shuttles' names (when they were displayed at all) were very small, printed in capital letters.

Personally, I would love to see a return to the "bygone" days of TOS, with the Registry printed on the sides, the mother ship's name beneath that, and the cursive shuttle name painted in red at a jaunty angle.