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03-01-2011, 05:31 PM
Originally Posted by Greatmaker69 View Post
Never failed this mission... to me its an issue of people not realizing the extra objectives are better accomplished in a group...

Have soloed it successfully many many times.
I suspect what you're missing is that a lot of us have, by the rules listed, succeeded as well... and it still counts as a failure. It's a substantial problem when it says "Optional: Pillage 4 Freighters" - you pillage 4 freighters, but it still counts as a failure.

It's extra-problematic for carriers, because once you sic your fighters on a transport, they don't let go until it's dead (even if it turns friendly), meaning a good chunk of your firepower is A) Not doing what you need it to do B) Helping you fail the mission.

For this reason I'd ask Gozer - is there anything you can do about that? I know you aren't a ship guy; I'm not asking you to give me fighter controls or anything* - but is there some trick you can do that'll make my fighters think the Transports are destroyed when they turn friendly? Because otherwise part of this problem is going to remain for us carrier captains.

If not, you suppose you could poke the ship team about either an AI fix for that, or maybe some pet controls for carriers? It makes running these missions significantly more troublesome than they ought to be, and the carrier is already a little rough to run them in just due to it's slow turn speed.

*I want them, but I know you aren't the guy to ask about it <,<