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Originally Posted by malashenko89 View Post
There's also the issue that, if there was an industrialized world civilization for a prolonged period of time, we'd see weird abnormalities in the fossil record, with seemingly well-adapted species vanishing overnight in the face of minor environmental changes, the spontaneous emergence of species from different continents in areas they could not have migrated to (like South American terror birds in Europe), and the sudden appearance of archaic species from the Mesozoic (from the sunken island continent the Voth come from).

I suppose there is wiggle room for this in the story. After all, we only met up with Prof. Gegen once he was on Voyager's trail. We never found out all the ins and outs of his evolutionary theory, or even what the mainstream Voth doctrine is. It could be that a Preserver origin story is entirely possible; the Voth were transplanted to the Delta Quadrant millions of years ago, they went into space, developed the doctrine, and Gegen found some anomalies in the fossil record (and maybe a few Preserver artifacts) that convinced him to look for any trends in galactic species distribution regarding Voth-resembling DNA, and got lucky by stumbling onto a human ship.

You know, polish this up and it might make a fine novel.
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