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03-01-2011, 07:51 PM
Originally Posted by Cryptic_Gozer
I'll take a look at this one more time. I may just have to make the transports unkillable after you loot them, as it's this logic that is the root cause of all the problems.

I didn't want to do this because I wanted to give you guys the option of blowing up the friegters after you looted them but at this point just pulling that option is the only way I think I can fix this issue for good.

A while back it was mentioned that there was a fix to this problem that never made it out in a patch. I've looked over the patches and it still isn't listed in any of them since this new fix was mentioned. People can do it in BoPs solo, but cruisers and carriers have a tough time doing it. Its just that once we start the mission, out of the first 4 freighters, most people can only get 2 of them. Then they have to kill the escorts, destroy the shield things - which are a pain to target by the way - and then destroy the one fed ship that appears and get the last 2 freighters before they leave. By that time, the first 4 freighters have already warped out of the system. So when you get the last 2 freighters to make it a total of 4 freighters done, you have already failed because the others have left before you finished. That was the problem with the mission the last time I played it. Granted I haven't done it in a week, but there has been nothing in the latest patch notes about any changes in it at all. I've been able to complete them in my Vor'cha maybe 50-60% of the time now. But everytime it is very, very close. I get the last freighter just when it passes the Nav Buoy a split second before it warps away.

Kirk: Scotty, what's left?
Scotty: just the batteries sir. I can have auxiliary power in a few minutes.
Kirk: We don't have a few minutes! Can you give me phaser power?
Scotty: A few shots sir.
Spock: Not enough against their shields
Kirk: Who in the hell are they?
Uhura: Admiral, the commander of the Reliant is signaling. He wishes to discuss terms of our surrender.
Kirk: Put it on screen.
Uhura: Admiral?
Kirk: Do it, while we still have time.