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03-02-2011, 04:33 AM
Originally Posted by Green117 View Post
Why should you? You wanted something immediately and you got this, while others like myself decided to wait until this daily became available. You were not forced to buy this item and given the fact you are posting on the forum would give me some idea that you also knew that this Ship was to be craftable at some point. If you didn't, it matters little as T & C dictates that you will not be given any refund, regardless of any hope you may have. I like the C-Store, especially as Cryptic are starting to bring more of these items to be brought, crafted or found via in-game means. The C-Store is immediate access to an item, which in my eyes is very fair. Want it now, pay for it now, or wait for it/craft it/find it/grind it over a period of time. Your choice, and nothing but your own wants are ever forced.
So you're saying that those that bought a Lifetime Subscription for the game don't deserve reimbursement if/when the game goes F2P? It's the same concept. I bought the Delta Flyer because i wanted it and it wasn't available any other way. Announcements on game features such as a craftable Delta Flyer were not confirmed until recently and even then developer announcements on features depend on priority.