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title says it all

With the new approach of the MVAM Console beeing a console that you can switch arround, how about making the Galaxy-X Phaser Lance into a Weapon Slot Item and let me buy diffrent versions of it including diffrent Types of it like Tetryon, Disrutor, Plasma etc.

and maybe even Uncommon, Rare and Very Rare Versions with the same buff's as other Weapons usually have.

It realy bothers me that you have to max out the Phaser Skill to be effective with the Phaser Lance but if i am using Tetryon Weapons (i like Blue, so what?) i am forced to respec and get a bunch of new rare Phaser Weapons for a bunch of Emblems.

Not saying i would actually use this, i am very fond of my custom Sovereign variant but i think that is just an idea that makes to much sense to keep it to myself.

Make it so!

Oh... and Guramba Siege Destroyer, same thing.