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03-02-2011, 05:54 AM
Originally Posted by Grieff View Post
The players wan't it.
The devs make it clear that it's unfinished.
The players are like "It doesn't matter, we'll understand, just release it!"
The devs are like "O.K. we heard you, here it is"
Then players.. "This is it? This sucks big time, FU Cryptic!"

So, I'd rather wait for them to be finished.
I tend to agree with this. All we need is something else to bring out the nay-sayers. I can see the other side of the arguement, though....

How about some sort of compramise (sp?) where the unfinished areas are released on tribble in the foundry. If enough UGC is generated using these environments, move them to the Holodeck with the UGC, and viola, stuff to do in the new areas

Just a thought...