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03-02-2011, 06:56 AM
Originally Posted by Grieff View Post
I don't really support this, as it would probably backfire just like the Klingon faction for example.

The players wan't it.
The devs make it clear that it's unfinished.
The players are like "It doesn't matter, we'll understand, just release it!"
The devs are like "O.K. we heard you, here it is"
Then players.. "This is it? This sucks big time, FU Cryptic!"

So, I'd rather wait for them to be finished.
just take Ship Interriors...
is pretty clear on what players wanted from it.

Functionality – is more critical to me than what it looks like 43,20%
Era – my interior has the TOS vs. the TNG “look” 5,54%
( of 10075 votes )

what do we get first ? TOS interriors! *doh*

it's the Open Jacket Uniform all over again...