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03-02-2011, 07:31 AM
Please - give us an actually reason to visit places like Risa, Andoria, etc. They have nothing to do there and haven't since launch. Don't just add them on a whim: give us something to do and interact with.

It seems like you're contradicting yourself: Risa and Andoria were added without functionality and they're... boring (something you acknowledge).

Originally Posted by forresto View Post
Dstahl has stated that they are holding these for ways to add functionality. That's great and I understand that. However, at this point in the game, especially with a lot of us at the end-game content, we just want to explore the universe.
There's a very good reason for this and you actually acknowledge that huge zones with nothing in them (like Andoria) are boring.

We need lots more of persistent zones that have large and interesting environments. Adding the caves to Risa was smart but it should've been taken to the next step. Instead of a single cave, it should've kept going and maybe have some enemies, Talarian hook spiders anyone?, randomly pop up.
Some of the existing persistent zones haven't had content... ever.

Look at CO, they have practically no functionality in Millennium city, yet it's so fun to just travel and flying around it just exploring. That is what is so brilliant about the weeklies. A lot of times we just explore , which is why it took me two and a half hours to finish the last weekly:p
have you played Champions? Lots of questing occurs in Millenium City.

If there were more starbases that had a depth of detail like the new ESD, that's all I would do is visit them. I would love going inside Utopia Planitia and see ships under construction and engineers working on new schematics.
I'd love to see but but I'd love a reason to be there. STO already has several persistent zones with zero gameplay.

We do missions but we don't have enough persistent zones to allow us to just hang out in the universe we all love.
I want more persistent zones too but I want a reason to actually go there too.