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Originally Posted by Merg View Post
Sorry for double post (though to be fair the other one is 20 days old!) but I went through the combos for the
Tsunkatse Falchion and the Lirpa. I have edited this post to more closely resemble the format used in the original guide.

Tsunkatse Falchion:

This one-handed sword is fast and it seems tough to get interrupted. The downside to using it seems to be less chances to Expose as compared to the Bat'leth or Lirpa. Because the Button 2 attack does not have a chance to Expose, the sword Exposes less overall than the other weapons. However, damage is good and the animations are pretty cool.

1 - Slash - Basic damage, 10% chance to Expose.

2 - "Heavy" Slash - Slightly more damage. Does not Expose.

12 - Spin - AoE damage, knocks back, 10% chance to Expose.

21 - Backslash - Cone damage, DoT, 10% chance to Expose.

111 (221) - Double Strike (EXPLOIT) - Cone damage, knocks back, Exploits.

112 (222, 212) - Cleave (EXPLOIT) - Single target, knocks back, does a LOT of damage if it Exploits.

121 (122, 211) - Spinning Jump - Single target, Disables, 10% chance to Expose.


Lirpa's damage, speed, and combos are the same as a Bat'leth, though the Vulcan weapon has some unique animations. Refer to the original post for appropriate combos.
Thanks for adding the Sword moves; I was hoping this thread was still going.