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03-02-2011, 06:08 PM
Originally Posted by Asm0deus
hey guys i been playing about 1 week now and ive tired of seeing this lvl 4 mission in my log ive been trying to do it but cant seem to get it in the delta volanis sector but cant seem to find any anomalies thet complete this mission is there something in particular i should be looking for ?

cuase frankly im confused as evry other mission ive done has been rather logical and not that hard to follow ?

the delta volanis sector seems empty of planets and only have anomalies which dont seem to be what we need to do this dayum mission
Please, please don't pull up year old threads, the information is way out of day and will cause mass confusion.

the mission is a bit goofy, as it doesn't cause the needed anomoly to spawn, just hold on to it and when you do get a "Aid the planet" it will finally complete. its not going to be anything other than annoying if you go hunting for it, as your playing a double RNG.