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03-02-2011, 11:58 PM
How about giving us as many storyline missions as the Feds have, but specific to the KDF. Not more dailies or more of the episodes that both factions can play. It's ridiculous that I can start a new Fed character and make it to RA without having to repeat stuff more than a couple times and then it's more about getting enough exploration marks for that rank to actually buy some stuff, but to get a KDF character to BG, I have to repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat some more.

This is why I quit playing for the last 9 month. i came back and found a bunch of new stuff, but quickly had to go right back to repeating missions over and over until I was bored, just to get from Cmdr 5 to BG 5.

I see another Fed ship coming online very shortly, as if they need more ships. It's already on Tribble for Pete's sake. Yet, the only things mentioned in the tribble patch notes related to Klingons are a display bug for for borg parts on a raptor and the fix for a cloaking bug. It doesn't even say what bug. I can only hope it's the bug where my BoFFs talking to me cancels cloak, but for all I know it could be a fix for many feds constantly whining about us having a cloak and being hard to detect, so the detection range gets cut in half or worse.

Other than the T5 Carrier and those new T6 ships, we still don't have any actual science type ships. Sure the BoP can work as a science ship, but with fewer science consoles and fewer total BoFF skills. To make matters worse, the database says the T3 BoP is supposed to had 1 eng and 2 sci consoles, but it actually has 2 eng and 1 sci, which is exactly what the T3 cruiser has.

As far as I know, we still don't have the equivalent of very rare Saurian BoFF with the efficient trait that we might get lucky to receive when leveling up. I also noticed we still only get a choice of 1 BoFF with those new officer missions, instead of one of each class and we pick 1 of the 3. I've got far too many science BoFFs and hardly any Engineer or Tactical BoFFs from those missions.

Just before logging off tonight I hit BG5 and found that instead of gaining equal access to B'Tran, I have to do the KDF versions of those way back in Captain's exploration cluster. I can understand having separate exploration cluster for the other areas, since all the other Fed exploration clusters are off fed space, but B'Tran is off Borg space, which both factions have access to. Both factions can be in the same Enemy Contact instance as "allies", so why can't we both be in the same exploration cluster?

This game should really be called ST:TFO (Star Trek: The Federation Online), because even with a year to give us more Klingon content, I only saw 1 storyline and the majority of our ships still only have 1 skin, unless we fork over cash for C-store points. While all the Fed ships I ever played had 3 skins to mix and match since closed beta.

In summary, stop giving the KDF, the Fed hand-me-downs like we're the red-headed step child noone wants, and treat us like equal customers by giving us equal content (KDF exclusive storyline missions, multiple skins for every ship, etc.).

Edit: Before anyone even thinks to say, "but there are more Fed players". 1: You have to play Fed to unlock Klingon. 2: The serious lack of content makes many folks stop playing Klingon and go back to playing fed, even if they'd prefer to play a Klingon, because the endless repetitions are not fun game-play.