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03-03-2011, 02:58 AM
Their is always some critical piece of information missing. For example sometimes you get the sector but not the system, or you get the sector and system but not where the person is.
Alt-tab and check stowiki or simply google it. You will find detailed maps about systems and persons.

Beyond that I thought some of the mission writing was extremly stale. Vague directions, information and often dull and poorly written dialogue really takes away from the experiance.
Exploration and patrol missions are very bland. The story missions are usually OK.

One of the key features I was really hoping for was to give me the ability to pilot my ship from the bridge, but unfortunatly right now it is more of a display without any functionality, I really hope that in the future we get some features added here.
The game was never designed to work that way. Which is odd because that is among the top 5 most requested things. So, it won't be added this year.

Also I really thought the warp flight stuff was kind of lame... a lot of waiting around, flying through bland empty space to get to a location.. Warping from encounter to encounter should have an option that allows you to speed things up.
When you hit Vice Admiral, you will have slipstream that makes you faster in warp space.
Also you can (or could) speed up travel considerably by using the instance change feature.