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03-03-2011, 03:06 AM
Hopefully, you will find my info to be good news.

The early missions in the game are all going to be revised (the only one that has been so far is the "rescue the Azura" mission).

An exploration revamp is planned....I believe that is number 3 on the list of big items behind the Foundry (user generated content) and the ground combat revamp. So....hopefully within 6 months.

Those 8 hours you played so far were all most likely the work of the first Executive producer, who has since left the game.Most people would probably agree that his product was mediocre. The current XP and team have done some amazing things.

As far as sector space goes (you called it warp flight I believe), eventually you can get several things to make it faster. I personally mainly use the Excelsior refit, which has 2 nice travel features, a long cool down location warp (Earth space dock, SB39, Beta Ursa sector, etc.) or a sector space speed buff with a 2 minute cool down. I think several other ships have extra travel features.

I can only say play some more, once you get into crafting, the featured episodes and some of the other newer content, you will see what the current team has planned for us. You're still playing the early parts that many others panned.