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03-03-2011, 04:14 AM
Originally Posted by xguild View Post
It is exactly the main impression, by the most users here.

For the bad things in the game, the Dev's are working to improve a lot of things. But I still have to admit, no matter how far they go, the Genesis Engine (still a very powerfull MMO engine) is not the right one for Star Trek.

So, why do I still play? Because of the avatar editor, and the featured episodes. This are realy the best things in the game. The ground combat is meh; the space combat is well, not bad; and the exploration (if someone would call that thing in game so) is... well totaly boring at some time. Some missions have nice storys, but the missiondesign is always "Kill 5, scan 5" meh.... Still the featured episodes are quite a little different, well at least the "Cloaked Intentions".

So all in all, STO could be a great game, it still won't be the Franchise's kid. Right now i'd rate it a 6/10, maybe in one year it would be 8/10 but that would be it.