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03-03-2011, 05:03 AM
I was running the mission again with a few friends on ventrilo and I had another couple of thoughts here.
So here's some appendices to my views on Colosseum:

An example of the minigames that might be nice, would be something like they have on DDO, to be used in class specific and general types of ways. If done creatively it could be fantastic. DDO is not the only game to have used this sort of feature, and I know there are platform games that have done similarly as well.. The anomaly game is a simple version of what I'm talking about to a degree..

The other problem comes specifically when you have large groups in this mission and you are moving from melee weapons to the arena. If one player is feeling particularly speedy, they can run ahead of you and start the fight, before other members can even slot their weapons. What's worse about this, is the fact that when one player interacts with the weapons rack, others can not. So its very easy and probably normal for the last guy to be incapable of slotting his weapon. Its a small oversight, but probably should see a fix if at all possible.
(Like keep the door closed till everyone is at least wearing a weapon or in melee mode).