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03-03-2011, 05:12 AM
Originally Posted by goetzjam View Post
I am currently looking for a fleet, I have a lifetime subscription (from pre-launch time) so I am not going to just drop off and not play.

My old fleet just isnt active anymore, I mean the fleet admiral doesn't have a lifetime and doesn't always renew it from month to month, which makes it hard to organize any fleet, period.
Most of our players are lifetime subscribers as well so we won't be going anywhere anytime soon either

Originally Posted by goetzjam View Post
I was a commodore (in our fleet was 3rd level from top) and would like a leadership role in the future.
The more you participate, the more you will become eligible for leadership positions. Getting involved with fleet activities in game and participating on our website forums will not go unnoticed.

Originally Posted by goetzjam View Post
Currently only have one character at lt. commander 7, but I had life issues that stepped in preventing me from playing actively weekly, but that is not the case anymore.

This is my first and only MMORPG and I need a fleet that is understanding when I don't get all the little abbreviations and such at first. I learn quickly and once I get up a little higher on my character, I think I will enjoy the game a lot more.
We take pride in helping new players learn STO and level up. We enjoy helping one another in game and teaming up with each other no matter what mission. We provide opportunities for players to do STFs (Special Task Forces) which give some of the best reward items in the game and are willing to help players level up in order to participate.

Our fleet, 48th Defense Fleet, The Warpigs is a casual, laid back fleet that has fun playing STO together. We understand that players have real life commitments that come first and do our best to tailor fleet activites to players new and old alike. We constantly share laughs with one another and are very social on teamspeak.

If you're interested or would like to get more information, please see our FAQ about how to join our fleet. For more information about our fleet see our website at Feel free to PM me as well.

Hope to see you in sector space!